Kaweco Now at Pen Place

Kaweco Brass Sport

Pen Place now carries the Kaweco line of writing instruments.  We have the Student, Liliput and Sport Classic lines in stock and can order products our customers are interested in.  The Sport and Liliput fountain pens provide some of the smallest fountain pens that take international standard ink cartridges.


Monteverde Selfie Pens

Please watch this video on the Monteverde Selfie pen.  You are able to take Selfies on an iPhone or Android phone by the push of a button.  It pairs with your phone using Bluetooth.  The pen also includes a stylus for your smartphone and a ballpoint pen. Monteverde Selfie Pen  


Monteverde Limonada Pens

The Limonada rollerball and fountain pens are designed for those that like a thinner grip near the point that is contoured. The sporty Limonada collection combines bold colors and clean lines with exceptonal build quality to create an everyday writing tool that will soon be your favorite.  The flexible spring clip is gracefully curved, with […]

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Retro 1951 Popper Homerun

Retro 1951 Homerun Big Shot Spring is here and baseball season is in full swing! So grab your ball cap and Retro 51’s latest Big Shot Tornado Popper, Homerun. This baseball edition commemorates America’s Pastime with a baseball design limited to 750 numbered pieces complete with special packaging. Each Homerun twist- top rollerball has acid-etched […]

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Retro 1951 Popper Pigskin Big Shot

Retro 1951 Pigskin Big Shot ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?! The football season has kicked off and in celebration of this favorite sport, Retro 1951 created the Pigskin Big Shot Tornado Popper! It has an acid-etched texture barrel complete with copper finish, printed laces and limited number engraving on top ring. This twist-top rollerball […]

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Versace Pens Now Available

We just received our first shipment of Versace pens in the store. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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Retro 1951 Tornado Bamboo Pen

Retro 1951 Tornado Bamboo  – Bamboo is an eco-friendly wood that has a beautiful light brown grain with short streaks and light knot patterns. It is complimented with antique silver accents, a friendly panda logo on the back and is loaded with a long-lasting Easy Flow ballpoint refill. With your purchase of this pen, a donation […]

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Fine Pens

New Pen Line – Vermont Pens

We are pleased to introduce our newest brand of fine luxury writing instruments: Vermont Pen.  Vermont is an extraordinary place. Known for its picturesque green mountains, snowy winters, clean air, and a long-standing tradition of master artisans, you may not know that it’s also home to Vermont Pen. Vermont Pen is an independent pen company […]

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Quality Pens and Pen Refills in Kansas City

Acme Studio Standard Rollerball Series

One of the pen brands that I really enjoy with all of their fun and artistic designs is Acme Studio. Their most popular series is the Standard Rollerball. The pens are each designed by artists and include their signature on the cap band. There are a lot of different designs. Paint Splash Standard Rollerball Acme […]

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Retro 1951 Popper Pens

Fun Retro 1951 Poppers Pens

One of my favorite value priced pens is the Retro 1951 Poppers series.  In this line they make a limited run of 300 – 750 pens with different designs on the same Retro 1951 Tornado pens.  The last run of pens they did was called the Bandits and they made 300 pens in 3 different […]

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